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By BillGyles
I filmed this bird near Blue Heron Beach, Yellowpoint, on 8 Oct. The photo is long range and cropped. I think it is a Red Necked Grebe based largely on neck length, bill length and bill colour. The stripes on the head look like those on a juvenile RNGR on, so I think it is a juvenile RNGR changing into winter plumage. I am uncertain because both neck and bill look a little short. At the same time I think it is not a Pied Bill (also has striped head in juvenile) due to beak length, and not Horned or Eared due to bill length and colour. Seems clear, but I am not confident. If confirmed I would like to post it on the video challenge.
ImageP1040455_Moment (2) by Bill Gyles, on Flickr
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By BirdingBC
Hi Bill,

I believe you are correct that this is a red-necked grebe, a juvenile transitioning into immature non-breeding plumage.

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