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By sirrahes
Saw two flycatchers today (April 30th) that have me a bit stymied. They were in Vanier Park, different locations. It seems from timing, location, and pattern of previous sightings (none reported recently though) that Hammond's is likely, but maybe Dusky?

Bird 1: In large deciduous tree in a stand of trees, near swampy area and grass.
Olive back, grayish head, eyering, short bill, wingbars, grayish yellow front...

Feature that seems more Hammond's-like:
Peaked head (but maybe that was the wind blowing its head feathers)

Feature that seems more Dusky-like:
Primary projection doesn't look that large, so long-looking tail.

Pictures of Bird 1: ... .jpeg?dl=0 ... .jpeg?dl=0 ... .jpeg?dl=0 ... .jpeg?dl=0 ... .jpeg?dl=0

Bird 2: In deciduous trees and shrubs in wooded area.
Didn't get as many angles on Bird 2, and don't have a good indication of primary projection. Head looks possibly rounded, possibly peaked.

Pictures of Bird 2: ... .jpeg?dl=0 ... .jpeg?dl=0

Thoughts? What other features should I look at? Unfortunately, they were not talkative.

By birderkid8
First bird looks a bit like Dusky, but I cannot be sure without it calling. Second bird is definitely a Hammond's. Note the small beak and darkish body.

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