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Image169A2012-Parulidae sp 1 by Patrick Covello, on Flickr

Image169A2016-Parulidae sp 1 by Patrick Covello, on Flickr

Image169A2018-Paurlidae sp 1 by Patrick Covello, on Flickr

I saw this bird in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, near the duck pond in a 30 foot tree. I didn't hear it vocalize. I think it may be an orange-crowned warbler, a Wilson's warbler (there were other Wilson's nearby), or a yellow warbler.

To me, the overall muted yellow-green colours and the pale yellow eyebrow suggest orange-crowned. I think another possibility is an immature or female yellow. The muted head colour seems to rule out a Wilson's.

What do you think?

What explains the state of the bird's feathers?

2022 BC Birding Photo Challenge! :)

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