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By dindelta
I was in the Pantanal in Brazil and have several dozen bird photos taken with my DSLR and now on my desktop, to identify which I can't seem to identify after searching various Brazil bird websites. I cannot use the Merlin or Cornell app as they only work on phones and not on a desktop. I don't use a smart phone. Any suggestions?
By dindelta
Yes I could buy a book but not being up on the various "types" of smaller birds, makes it very difficult to thumb through dozens of pages to find the one that matches my photo. And I appreciate you sending me that link but I have seen other similar links that have most of the same birds. Again you have to scroll through them all to find the one in your photo, assuming it is in the link, which so far for about 24 photos I have it is not.

Many years ago before Merlin went phone app only I used it for some birds here and it made it so easy to find out what they are. I will keep searching to see if there is a similar app in Brazil

I don't think we have a Whimbrel yet and although […]