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By ToddBird
Hi everyone,

I have a feeder outside my window and am curious of a species that comes through daily, as of late. It has a black neck in the front and red backside of head. The back is below the back of head is greenish.

I was thinking ruby throat but the red is only in the back.

Any ideas?
This would be an Anna's Hummingbird. Our climate means they can stay year-round. They are the only hummingbirds present in Victoria right now in winter. In the warmer months we reliably get migratory Rufous Hummingbirds (orange, sometimes with a bit of green) which make a 'rew-chew-chew-chew' sound. More likely in summertime, other rarities are possible - but in winter we can reasonably suspect any Hummingbird in Victoria is an Anna's.
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