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Grand Forks birding

Posted: Jul 06 6:37 pm
by Garym
We are heading into the interior at the end of this month, and will be overnighting one night in Grand Forks. We will be there early afternoon and leaving the next morning.
If anyone has any tips on where we could spend an hour or so doing some birding,
it would sure be appreciated.
I have the "Birdfinding in B.C." book, but it doesn't say much about Grand Forks.
Gary Magnusson

Re: Grand Forks birding

Posted: Jul 12 10:44 am
by loudavid
I have family there and visit once or twice per year.

Ward Lake is your best bet, it is about 2KM up the North Fork road from Highway 3. You can see various ducks and coots on the lake from above, but need a scope. In the trees around the parking pullout I've seen Western Wood-pewee, Yellow Warbler, and Lazuli Bunting (once).

I've never found any other "birding" spots in the area.

Re: Grand Forks birding

Posted: Jul 13 11:00 am
by Garym
Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to check it out.