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Over the years I have posted many photos to this website - perhaps a thousand. I ceased posting during Melissa's peak activity. I decided that she had turned this website into a personal Blog. She inserted herself into every single thread. I think she made about 3600 posts in her first year. I didn't join a personal Blog, so I departed. Now she has her own Blog (which I know nothing about).

Prior to Melissa's appearance here, there was plenty of activity. Posts often had 10 to 30 replies.

WRT Facebook, I have never joined Facebook or any similar service except for Flickr which I joined in order to obtain help in IDing birds I had photographed. I shall never join Facebook or any similar service for reasons that are becoming more apparent to those who pay attention. TANSTAAFL, as Robert Heinlein wrote. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Someone told me that Melissa had left and this website was moribund and perhaps I should take a second look. I tried posting a few photos, but there was little interaction. I never stopped posting to Flickr. So there are thousands of images there that are "new" from the time I stopped posting here. Pushing 7500 images now. I don't need Egoboo and just post when I have a question (like today) or else just wish to share something I find interesting.
I used to come to this site all the time, almost daily, mostly for the bird IDing - if i had questions or to help out others. I haven't been birding as much at all, some of it is just busy life stuff with little kids but around all the drama with the owls and when someone was using a mouse on a string to lure them in Boundary Bay - just kind of put me off all together. There was another experience when I went with a friend to see a Pygmy Owl in Chilliwack and showed up to a hoard of people, started talking with an someone who seemed like a nice older man, appreciating nature until he said, yeah, should have been here on Wednesday, Jim-bob threw a rock at it to try to make it fly so we could get better pictures. Up until that point, everyone i had met out birding had been pretty nice. I kind of just got sick of the whole idea and the impression that adding my presence to birds just trying to live their lives was not helpful.

I do like the British Columbia Birds facebook group, but really am more of observer than participant in that too. For the same reason.
Hi.. I keep checking this forum. I think it's a good idea (but for the ego attitudes sometimes!).. I come here to find out more about birds and to learn.. What puts me off is the belittling attitude by some of the "experts" who seem to have forgotten that we all make mistakes and that learning should be a fun journey.

I have checked out the BC Birds on FB and other FB birding groups. but I still check in here.

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