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need help with id

Posted: Sep 25 9:31 pm
by alanlu
I took photos of this bird at the South Jetty of Iona Beach. When I took the photo, I thought it was a blacke-bellied plover. However after I have processed the raw file, I realize that it is not. But I don't know what it is. I am pretty sure it is not a western sandpiper because it is much bigger than that and it did not fly like a western. Thx for your help. ... en-public/ ... en-public/

Re: need help with id

Posted: Sep 26 1:29 am
by zwest

I would say Sanderling... cheers

Re: need help with id

Posted: Sep 26 8:39 am
by alanlu
Hi, Zwest. Thx for the reply. Now that you have named it as a sanderling, I do think it looks like one. The idea did not occur to me because the sanderlings I have photoed are usually in flocks at the edge of the beach where there is wave action. This one was all alone flying low over the surface of water like a gull and pecking at rocks it landed on. I also notice there is some faint marking on the underbelly of the bird.

Re: need help with id

Posted: Sep 30 10:43 am
by Robert
Merlin says Sanderling. Looks like one.