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When I lived in Kits the juncos showed up in the fall and stayed the winter before leaving in the spring. I now live in South Surrey and the juncos are present all year. I believe some populations head north for the summer.
By John
I live in North Surrey. Almost all of the juncos here have disappeared as well. I saw one pair two days ago after searching for almost the entire month.

Not only have they disappeared, so too hav almost all birds. I am up at dawn every morning and out scouting for birds twice a day. In the past month I have seen (and heard), tho odd Northern Flicker, a couple of Stellar Jays, three robins, some chickadees, a nuthatch, an Anna’s hummingbird , a heron (at Green Timbers Lake), about a dozen mallard ducks (at the lake, and a piliated woodpecker, and that’s it. There is no birdsong in the forests. My yard is devoid of birds except for the Anna’s hummer.

It’s weird and kinda scary.

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