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By Guyzerr
Buy High.... Sell Low......... seems to be my motto........................

I bought a new Canon 70D on Feb.8, 2015 when I had to send my other camera in for service. As some of you may recall I was very impressed with the image quality that
came out of it. Any purchaser of this body will be very impressed imo.

This body is like new and has taken just 320 shots. It comes with the receipt, the box and everything else it shipped with. It was purchased at London Drugs.

Besides the body it comes with an aftermarket battery grip, two aftermarket batteries as well as the original battery and a charger for the house or car. It is built as well as any Canon grip

I paid $1288.44 for the body, $55.00 for the grip and $40.00 for the batteries and charger.
You will get the receipts for all the items.

I can meet you anywhere between Chilliwack and Vancouver.
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By Guyzerr
Sorry I forgot a price soooooo.......

make me a reasonable offer and you'll own it.

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I sure have a lot to learn.

Yes, gulls are challenging to ID. Thanks.