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Bird Songs Bible

Posted: May 11 3:15 pm
by Duckasso
I saw a great book the other day . It is a huge book that also plays each birdsong .
I can't convince my sister in law to give it to me ! Ha !
I wonder if any one has seen it or knows of any one who may be ready to move one along ?
It is by Les Beletsky
Thanks Ray Morris

Re: Bird Songs Bible

Posted: May 11 3:44 pm
by Birder2000
I own one, it was given to me as a gift. It is an awesome book that weighs more than my camera set up, but is still super cool to have! It has information and the ranges of every virtually every bird in North America and even Hawaii, and the songs of every single one! Definitely a great book! :)

Re: Bird Songs Bible

Posted: May 11 4:31 pm
by mcrosbie
You can buy apps for smartphones and tablets that have bird photos, info, and bird songs. They are quite cheap - about $ 3 to & $12.