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By jewill
Yes, free. I moved to a townhouse complex last year that passed a bylaw after I moved in banning seed and suet feeders. All of them are used but still in good shape. I got them at WBU so they are top quality and still have many more years of enjoyment left in them. I would like them to go to a birder who will actually use them rather than have them sit and collect dust in the garage.

Here's the list:
1. Combo seed and suet feeder, incl. dome and seed catcher (see picture)
2. Tail-prop suet feeder plus dome (see picture)
3. Upside down suet feeder plus dome
4. Cylinder seed feeder (holds maybe 3-4 cups of seed) plus dome and seed catcher
5. Cylinder seed feeder (holds only 1 cup of seed) plus dome (no catcher)

This is #1 (catcher & dome not shown here but will be included)

This is #2

I live in South Surrey so I would be willing to meet at any of the popular birding locations in the area - Elgin Park, Blackie Spit, Serpentine Fen, etc.
Please PM me if you are interested in any or all of them.
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By jewill
Liz60 wrote:Can crows eat from the upside down suet feeder?
I don't want to say they can't get at it because they are very intelligent birds, but I'm yet to see one hanging from that type of feeder. They do however gather on the ground underneath looking for cast-off suet and/or seeds.
Starlings will happily hang upside down, or any which way, to get at food. The only feeder that stops them is the kind that is surrounded by a cage and even then they can sometimes manage to squeeze inside!
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