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Canon 70D Body

Posted: Feb 05 3:06 pm
by MDB8
with manual, software, strap, 2 batteries, charger, cables, etc.

WiFi connectivity, 7fps, very low noise generation, etc.

A manual can also be DLed from Canon to check for other features.

Just back from Canon after a cleaning et al.


PM me if you are interested. In a couple of days it will go on general sale.

I have not been posting any photos here recently, but have added hundreds to my Flickr account since my last post. There you can find many photos taken with the above camera.

Re: Canon 70D Body

Posted: Feb 10 9:41 am
by revs
It's sad that you no longer post here at all Mike.
You are not the first member who has wandered from the flock here (Nickinthegarden comes to mind as well), i always liked to read what you were up to.
On Flickr you don't get the full story, but to each his or her own.
Hope you camera body sells!