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Selling a Canon 70D (with grip). As per the subject heading, there is also a Sigma 50-150mm 2.8 APO DC HSM for Canon (Newest version) and a 1.4 Sigma EX DG tele converter.
After cleaning I could see a dust spot (through the viewfinder) on the sensor (?) but not on an image I took with no lens attached. Perhaps a better person can clean it better...

Only 'issue' with the lens is (as per the Sigma website), there is an audible noise when the OS activates sometimes. Anyone who does not have their ear up against the camera probably can't hear that- I have not had anyone say anything. All listed on Craigslist and open to offers. I live in Walnut Grove but can meet up outside of it.
Camera has 26k shutter count.
this image is without a lens on at a light wall to look for dust spots
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