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Sigma Lens for sale.

120mm – 300mm F2.8 lens. Optically stabilized. Canon mount.

Just had it refurbished by Sigma Canada (Gentec). Comes with case, strap, lens hood and rear and front lens caps.

Also will include a Sigma 2X teleconverter which makes this lens a 240mm – 600mm F5.6. If you use a body with an APS-C sensor, then the reach is equivalent to 960mm. Focuses much closer than the big Canon lenses.

Price $2000 firm.

This is the lens I used for about 90% of the photos on my Flickr account (below).

PM me if you are interested.
I made an alteration in my photo equipment reconfiguration plan and no longer need a Sigma 1.4X tele-extender (APO). Hence I can include this device with the above lens as well.

The 1.4X makes the lens a 168mm - 420mm F4.0 zoom.

Most people don't understand the impact that tele-extenders have on images. If you study a lens' MTF chart, you will see the contrast quality dropping off on the right hand side of the chart when a tele-extender is added to the lens. However, these charts are for full-frame sensors and the far right hand side of the chart refers to the edge of the full frame. I don't use a full-frame sensor for bird photography and hopefully, you don't either. The fall-off in quality for an APS-C sensor is effectively zero when a tele-extender is attached as the distance to the edge of the full-frame sensor is absent.

So now I can offer the lens and the set of two extenders for the fixed price of $2000. (I did try to stack the tele-extenders, making the lens 840mm at F8.0, but didn't get the autofocus to work consistently on my Canon 7D II.)

Best bang-for-the-buck by far.
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