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Hi, I've got a spotting scope in excellent condition to sell. It was my dad's, who was an avid birder in Kamloops before he passed away. I've had it just sitting in the case for literally 10 years now and it just doesn't make sense to hold on to it.

I posted some photos of all the stuff here:

-Swarovski ATS 80 HD scope
(10 - 12 years old, but has been just in the case for the last ten)
- 20-60x eye piece
- hard case
- a collection of fixed mag eye pieces 15x, 20x, 22x, 25x 40x 60x
( I'm not sure if these fit directly or need an adaptor)
- aluminum manfrotto tripod with smooth action video style head
( basic sturdy tripod, nice action on the head)

- incomplete digi-scoping adaptor - it looks to be missing one part of the assembly (spare parts? chuck it?)

It would be great to sell it all as a single set.

However, if you don't want the tripod I will knock $100 off.

I am located in Kitsilano in Vancouver.

Email me at

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