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By kupac1
Can anyone recommend a good source for buying Swarovski optics? It would have to be a place in B.C. or a place that can deliver to B.C. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone can offer.
I don't know where you can buy items of this brand (you don't specify whether you want binoculars or a scope) in the Lower Mainland.

Recently my multifunction printer died on me and I decided I needed a new one. Did the research and picked out a model, then looked at local prices, finding them to be locked into that 25% or so premium over prices in the U.S.

So I went to B&H in NYC and after paying all taxes, etc. had it delivered to my door by Purolater, saving about $100 over the London Drugs price.

I just checked and B&H also sells this brand and currently has some sort of instant rebates.
By revs
Most of the bigger camera stores like Lens & Shutter and Kerrisdale Camera's carry higher end scopes and bins but you pay a bit more.
I have used B&H Photo in NYC probably a dozen times now and they have never let me down...yet (i have a $400 Nikon 500mm F4 lens hood on back-order right now, hope they get some stock in before October).
If you are going to lay down the money for high quality optics you should make an effort to actually handle them before you buy. We just bought a scope from Lens and Shutter - the selection was good (including Swarovski and Vortex), prices competitive and the staff was more than happy to let us try the gear out.

Good birding,
The best place in Vancouver is the Vancouver Telescope Centre.

The owner Nick and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, you are welcome to try all their optics, and they will match any price in Canada.

This is not a commercial plug, I am just a happy customer.

Cheers, Max
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