This forum is for the listing of "Wanted" and "For sale" items that are related to birding and natural history.
I had mentioned this previously, but it may have become buried in a previous thread. I was just wondering about thoughts surrounding having a separate area on the homepage for for sale items. It seems there are more and more items for sale posted in the ID Help/General Discussion area and I thought it may be helpful to have a separate section altogether for this, maybe at the bottom under the sightings section.

Just a thought, interested to hear other comments.
Onyxdragun wrote:What about setting up an option to append WTS, WTB, WTT for the subject line too?
Why not just put that in the subject line like people do on other forums. Anything other than the K.I.S.S principal just seems to complicate things.

eg: WTS Canon 1000gazillion mm Lens

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