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I went to the Tswassen Ferry jetty today and found the snow buntings, very exciting for me, it was like they wanted to be photographed!

Snow Bunting by wendeedee, on Flickr

Snow Burting by wendeedee, on Flickr

Eagle at Tswassen by wendeedee, on Flickr

Oyster Catcher by wendeedee, on Flickr

Not sure what this one is...can anyone help? Thanks!
IMG_0070 by wendeedee, on Flickr
Thanks Randy, so it is the winter plumage that threw me off! The bird books always show the breeding plumage, and until someone points me in the right direction so I can search some images online, I am lost. Appreciate your help!
Wendy, I agree that different plumages are very difficult at first when learning to ID birds. If only all birds were breeding males! :)

If you're looking for a bird book with various plumages, in my opinion Sibley's is hands down the best one. The app is fantastic as well.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks everyone. The fun thing about the snow buntings that day was even when they flew away from me, they only went a several metres, so I just slowly followed them. And then I felt super lucky when I met them again on my way back to the car.

I will check out the Sibley's Randy, thanks for the tip.

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