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By Guyzerr
I'm presently shooting with a 6D and want to step up to a 5D MK III so I have a gently used Canon 7D for sale. It has been very well cared for and doesn't have a mark on it that I can see. It has exactly 5585 shutter actuation's at the time of this typing.

To go along with it I have a genuine Canon BG-E7 battery grip and two genuine Canon LP-E6 batteries . With that attached to the body it makes it feel like you have something in your hands. It also gives you more than enough power to handle hundreds of shots without worrying about running your batteries dead. I've gone to airshows and cracked off 600+ shots without hardly putting a dent in the juice supply so I wouldn't be without them. ( $160.00 @ B&H and $330.00 @ Henry's )

To top it off I have the following Compact Flash cards that will go with it....
( I may have the receipts for these but am not 100% sure )
1 Lexar Platinum II 8GB
2 Lexar Professional 400X 16GB...
You have to work pretty hard to fill 'em up.

( The two 16Gb alone at Amazon will set you back $314.00. ... ional+400x )

I also have the box(s), all related documentation for the body & grip and the original receipts which help you cross the border if you decide to go on a trip.

Asking $1100.00

( B & H still sells the body alone for $1499.00 & they are on sale at Henry's for $1399.00 )

Thanks for looking............
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By Guyzerr
Onyxdragun wrote:Wow great price!
If I didnt switch over to Nikon, I would have scooped this up!
I had a 7D and loved it.. sold it a couple years ago and missed it dearly.
You could always buy it for when you switch back. :lol:

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