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Hi all, I have been looking at these grainy and troubled pictures of a far off bird and have trouble figuring which bird I photographed. Thanks so much for the help as always, cheers,

Isaac wrote:I'm not saying that the birds in the last photo couldn't be Long-tailed Ducks, but the head of the one on the right looks kinda like a Bufflehead's. :)
Bufflehead can be ruled out because the back pattern is completely different (see this shot: ... 12ac11.jpg), whereas it matches Long-tailed Duck perfectly (see this shot: ... flight.jpg) :)
To be perfectly fair I thought at first they were Buffleheads then the 2 white strips along the backs threw me. Thanks to Birder2000 posts with much better pictures than mine it has become very clear that they are Longtails. I am learning a ton here and thanks to everybody for the lesson.

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