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Yeah so it's interesting learning new birds, and raptors, ducks. I got a field guide and it's interesting hearing people talking about lifers. Funny thing is there's so much going on sometimes, it's hard to know if your seeing something out of the ordinary. I usually notice most of the new ducks at the places I go too, and raptors, but its impossible to know whats around you sometimes. All part of the learning process. In my few months of birding I've spent time around hooded, common mergansers, Canadian geese, Ring-necked ducks, shovelers, American coot, common goldeneye, buffleheads, green winged teals, American widgeon, common loon, mallard, north. pintail, sandhill crane, song sparrow, black capped chickadee, varied thrush, northern flicker, and some other birds. But I just find it super interesting, n the whole bird iding is such an interesting thing where you never stop learning! I think the ducks n the raptors intrigue me the most, as there easier to photograph then the skittish small birds, but there all such a diverse group.
Welcome aboard! The learning never stops, not even if we had 10 lifetimes. Let us know what you see out there and if you have any problems with ID'ing stuff!
Although I've been watching birds my whole life (it comes naturally I think when your parents name you raven!) I only started making a life list about four years ago. Since then I have photographed almost 200 species of birds, during this time I also had two children so I consider that pretty good! (If you see a bird watcher out that's lugging around a toddler and a baby that's me!) Anyways, the birds add up quick on the list and its especially fun at first when every bird is new. I'm still amazed at how many birds some people have seen!

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Is this a herring gull?

I sure have a lot to learn.

Yes, gulls are challenging to ID. Thanks.