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East Wellington Park is a degraded 12.7hectare floodplain/wetland/wildlife habitat in Nanaimo. after 6 years as an undeveloped park planning is now underway to create an offleash dog park. The City is conducting a very short public consultation period before moving ahead with their plans. There is little time to put forward a management plan to re-establish an increasingly vital floodplain and important migratory bird wetland and conserve an important corridor for bear, deer, cougar and other wildlife. As many people as possible need to tell the city to conserve the parks important wildlife habitat. There is a park public input session on site at the junction of Maxey Road and East Wellington Road Wednesday June 20 between 3 to 7pm. A short and rather inadequate survey can also be completed at until July 9
please contact for further information outlining the issues

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