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By mcrosbie
I live in Courtenay, BC, and have had feeders hanging from hangers on the eaves of the veranda of my apartment. There are two very large trees touching my veranda - one a cedar tree and the other one a huge oak tree. For the past three years, I have been feeding various song birds. The only song birds that have stayed around all year are the chestnut-backed chickadees.

About a month ago, I noticed a couple of crows that hung around on the local electrical lines that cawed continuously. A friend was staying with me and she thought perhaps they were trying to kill the little birds. I wasn't convinced at that time. Later, we both wondered if they may have built a nest at the top of one of these huge trees. (I can't see the tops of the trees, because I live on the second floor and the trees have grown up to the fourth floor, which is the top floor). Now I am wondering again, if they are hanging around watching for song birds to kill and eat. I don't know a lot about crows. Would they do this sort of thing?

The crows tend to come very early in the morning cawing away and throughout the day the come and go. The only time I think they would bother the neighbours would be the early morning. So far, I am not aware of any complaints, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone blamed my feeders for attracting the crows. (Not that they would eat from my feeders, but that the feeders attract song birds,that the crows might wish to eat).

If anyone here has any idea what is going on here, I ask that you make your suggestions and thank you in advance.

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