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Hi all,
I had the redwing today (feb, 12, 2021) at about 11:00. as well as robin, varied thrush, and a mourning dove. Let's hope it is re spotted tomorrow and will continue for a while.
Thanks for the update. Was going to post about the Redwing as well.

Side note: I visited the bird yesterday and a couple of us went around to the back to poke around in as the bird was absent for some time. I saw three doves come out of the bush and though they were morning dove as opposed to eurasian collared dove. Did not get a good look so good to know you saw morning dove there as well.

Nice additional find as they have not been reported at that location.
Yes, I got a good 2 minute look before the dove flew off to the left and I went back to standing frozen on the path waiting for the redwing, luckily about an hour of freezing in the cold, it was spotted and i got a look in before I had to go home. Any updates will be appreciated and helpful for the whole birding community.

Adam Ross
Oak Bay
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