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By phainopepla6
Hi all,
I and probably you have noticed the spring migration beginning to start. I know that here on the island we already have Yellow Rumped Warblers, and 3 early cinnamon teal have been spotted at panama flats. There have also been a few others reported such as Chipping sparrow, Common yellowthroat and Rufous hummingbird. I went out to the power lines to look for earl migrants, and conditions turned on us and we did not have the ideal wind but we stuck in the valleys and got a good number of hawks and a good number of rufous hummers too.

Happy Birding
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By BirdingBC
Three Rufous hummers up on Mount Doug this morning near the upper pond (north below the summit parking lot). Birds wear feeding on insects and checking out salmon berry flowers. Small number of yellow-rumps (saw one Myrtle), 2 hutton's vireo. Usually fair. Was hoping for a solitaire, orange-crowned, and chipping. No luck.
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