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Id help

Posted: Apr 12 7:47 pm
by Cuckoopint
I've been hearing what sounds like a Cassins Vireo in the woods behind our house in Royston this past week. Possible or too early? Any other bird it could be? Sorry no visual confirmation

Re: Id help

Posted: Apr 12 8:53 pm
by BirdingBC
Cassin's Vireo have been spotted at a few locations here in Victoria and with the good weather, it is possible an early Cassin's Vireo is already up at Royston. So, yes, it is possible.

See if you can get a recording with your phone. The free BirdNet app is a good one as it might be able to ID the species.


Re: Id help

Posted: Apr 14 11:35 am
by Cuckoopint
Thank you! :-)