Bella Coola, Quesnel, Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, Clinton, Lillooet
Hi All,

We were fortunate enough to have an Upland Sandpiper fly over us at the TLBO here in the West Chilcotin. When we first heard it calling, we picked it up in our bins in the company of a second shorebird that looked same size and shape, in all likelihood a second Upland. After comparing the call to recordings one Upland flew back over us again, calling regularly. It was high up but this time we could see the shape better, elongated rear-end and not dumpy like the vaguely similar sounding Short-billed Dowitcher. This represents the first record for the Tatlayoko Valley to the best of our knowledge (not listed on the 2014 Checklist for the area produced by Rick Howie).

Of note on Aug. 12 was a calling Gray Catbird, also at the bird observatory. This species is locally scarce though they seemingly bred in the area in 2018 as we caught and banded an adult, then subsequently saw an unbanded juvenile.

Happy birding,

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