Revelstoke, Trail, Nelson, Kimberley, Cranbrook, Kootenays
By birdergirl
Dean Nicholson photographed this bird and Ian Adams reported it to Ebird as a Hermit Thrush but it is actually a Sage Thrasher.

I've emailed Dean to let him know of the ID and for more details about the sighting. All we know now is that the bird was seen on Dec 9th in downtown Cranbrook.

Great bird for Cranbrook in the winter! Photos can be viewed here:

I was finally able to connect with Dean. He was very happy to now know it was Sage Thrasher because it is only the 2nd record for the East Kootenays!

He said that Ian and him observed the bird in a small tree on the sidewalk at the corner of 10th Avenue and Baker Street. He did not see it the next day.

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