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Creston sites

Posted: May 28 9:53 pm
by riotambopata
Hi, this is my first post here: I am finally able to get over to Creston for the day this Thursday, if things go to plan. Apart from references to various places such as Speers Road on this forum, I can't find much info on sites that I might visit. I know only of the Wildlife Management Area and Duck Lake, and I seem to remember Linda vanDamme (sp?) mentioning in a post many years ago on WKBirds that there were Bobolink in the fields somewhere in West Creston. Could I trouble anyone to suggest a few places where I might explore - Phalaropes are my primary interest as I haven't seen any of that family since 2004...thanks in advance, Chris (riotambopata)

Re: Creston sites

Posted: May 29 10:59 pm
by therobwalker
Ebird is probably your best reference for hotspots and sites and you can see what has been seen where recently. Here is a link to the hotspots of the central kootenays and you can explore those. There is also a list of all the species seen in the region, from most recent, to oldest. i don't know the area at all, so i am no help otherwise...

Good luck!

Re: Creston sites

Posted: May 29 11:06 pm
by riotambopata
Thanks Kevin. I am a regular eBirder (just posted today's sightings), so I was hoping for local knowledge as well as the regular hotspots. But I really appreciate your reply - thank-you.

Re: Creston sites

Posted: May 30 7:51 am
by Garym
If you're driving into Creston from the west on Hwy #3, a few miles before you get into town you will come to West Creston Rd. If you turn right and go about a kilometer, you will come to an interpretive center in the middle of a huge marsh well known for it's birding. The staff there is very helpful. I was there last summer at the beginning of August, and it was pretty quiet, but this time of the year, it should be pretty good.
Good luck.
Gary Magnusson