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Bald Eagles in Delta

Posted: Jan 28 11:44 am
by aphovasse
All those eagles are amazing to watch. I'm aware that many people consider them thieves and scavengers and that the crowds that descend on that narrow Delta road on the weekends [...] everyone off BUT they are still awesome birds. Is there a prime reference book about them?
Why for example do they gather there, at that sod farm, and especially at the same time of the year every year? I see them fighting over scraps of food but can someone explain? Also, why do they perch with their wings spread out? I thought they were maybe drying off, but I don't think that's right; any expert opinions? Thanks in advance?

Re: Bald Eagles in Delta

Posted: Jan 29 9:58 am
by Rokman

Re: Bald Eagles in Delta

Posted: Jan 30 6:59 am
by aphovasse
thanks for the link, which revealed something I didn't know, about that green recycling plant. Makes a lot of sense now.
In the meantime, I found a small handbook entitled "The Audubon Field Guide To The Bald Eagle" full of good data about these amazing birds. Available at the Vancouver Public Library.