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Banded purple finches?

Posted: May 25 10:59 am
by Tracy
I noticed at my feeder today that there was a family of what I think are Purple Finches... when I looked closely with my binoculars, they all were banded! I managed to get a photo of the male. Just was curious about the bands? Are some purple Finches being handed in BC? Would love to know more. I am pretty sure they are Purple Finches.

Re: Banded purple finches?

Posted: Jun 29 4:54 pm
by mcrosbie
I am unable to answer your question about banding, but I can share with you a few photos I have taken of purple finches.

Imagemale purple finch DSC00061 by Marilyn Crosbie, on Flickr

Imagemale purple finch_1183 by Marilyn Crosbie, on Flickr