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Is This Barred Owl Injured

Posted: Jun 27 9:04 am
by SamMacTavish
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I came upon a barred owl, photo below, who seemed to be missing many feathers on the front of its head. I was wondering if this might be an injury or just molting?


Sam ... ed-public/

Re: Is This Barred Owl Injured

Posted: Jun 27 10:25 am
by jewill
I sent your picture to Rob (Raptor Care Manager) at OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) for his opinion. He said that the owl appears to have been injured at one point, either by crows pecking at his head or possibly an Eagle or hawk attack. He said the wound seems to have healed, as far as he could tell, and that the bird is attempting to preen around it. The feathers may not grow back though and he will be a “bald barred owl”. As long as it doesn’t get infected the bird should be OK. If you could keep an eye on him - watch that he’s up in a tree where he’s safe, looks otherwise healthy and alert, etc. - that would be great. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call Rob (or any of the bird care staff) at 604-946-3171 option 1 when prompted.

Re: Is This Barred Owl Injured

Posted: Jun 27 2:00 pm
by SamMacTavish
Thanks, that's good to know. Yes, the bird looked otherwise healthy as it flew in to land on this branch.