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By Agazir

New to the forums, and new to the area. I'm near Chilliwack. I'm trying to find out where are the best places to view bald eagles fishing for the migration as I think that's starting soon. Any and all suggestions welcome, including how to get informed when they're here.

Thank you.
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By jewill
Hi Agazir and welcome to the area as well as our forum.
You have good timing in that the Bald Eagle migration is in fact already underway; it's just that they are currently up in Northwestern BC. They will follow the salmon runs down south arriving here in late October/early November. The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival is an annual event in November that celebrates the return of the eagles. I'm not sure if it will take place this year due to Covid19. Their website ( does not have any info about the 2020 event yet, that I can find, so I wouldn't be surprised if it has been cancelled. That's the bad news; the good news is that Bald Eagles don't know anything about Covid19 restrictions and they will be back regardless. The Harrison River, Chehalis Flats and Kilby area are the best for viewing and if the salmon run is good and the water level isn't too high they will gather there by the thousands. The FVBEF website still has lots of good info about where to view them so keep checking back. (I sound like a PR rep for them - I'm not :mrgreen: )
Good luck!
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