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By MajaLena
Hi all, new here and not very well versed in bird.

I was out walking the dog when I came across a lone egg sitting on the concrete curb at the edge of a parking lot. The egg is maybe a bit over an inch long. Grey/light brown with darker brown speckles. I saw no nests nearby, though the dog was interested in the bushes in behind (I didn't let him get too close, just in case, but I couldn't see anything in the bushes).

By jewill
It could be a House Sparrow egg. It looks like it’s in the hatching stage :?: , or that could be damage from when it fell. Sadly, the chick inside is almost certainly dead or if it did hatch, it couldn’t survive outside the nest being that young.
By MajaLena
The egg appeared unharmed and un-cracked, that's just grass/dirt debris on the sides. I'm guessing something stole the egg from the nest and was going to eat it, but got scared away from it.

After google searches, I'm going to agree with a House Swallow. Poor little bird.
By jewill
American Crow is the most likely suspect - they are well known for egg predation.
MajaLena wrote:Hi all, new here and not very well versed in bird.
BTW “Welcome” to the forum MajaLena! If you stick around we’ll have you speaking ‘bird’ in no time :mrgreen:.
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