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By Ellis
Exci†ing: we also just had a pair, one M,one F here in North Vanc. They gorged on the fat block and the seed tray, for 10 min, and my wife took some great photos, altho they are shy and dont like human presence. The male had more white showing on its wing than the female. Wonderful rust/red chest. With a little yellow. Black back. Its a first for us too, altho we have seen the Evening Grosbeak once in a while over the years. About the size of a small robin, and the lovely colouring make this a special event for us. Unfortunately we didnt hear any call.
By NVanHiker
Growing up on the North Shore, we used to get flocks of Evening Grosbeaks at the feeder - I haven't seen one in 30 years. Now I see (or more likely hear) the occasional Black Headed Grosbeak (unrelated, apparently) way up high - never been lucky enough to have one visit the feeder. Striking bird.

p.s. I've always pronounced it with a long 'O'.
By KGill
I just had a pair of black-headed grosbeaks at my back yard feeder. I didn't recognize them at first; they looked like a cross between a varied thrush and a towhee (both of which I've seen in my yard before). I'm delighted to have spotted a new-to-me bird!
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