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pretty sure i have a not so great image of a Turkey Vulture, which i've not seen before in these parts(North Shore). has anybody else spotted them, and if so, where? i wouldn't mind getting some close shots of these guys.
Turkey vultures can often be seen soaring over Maplewood Flats conservation area, off Dollarton Highway on the North Shore. Soon the birds will be migrating and you may see them in other places too as they head south.
Jean J.
I was going to mention the skies above Maplewood Flats on the north shore as as well, not unusual to see 3 or 4 (or more) circling above at the right time of year.

Fraser Valley is another great location, i've seen them all over - Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and recently Bridal Falls.


This summer 6 of them flew over top of us in central Richmond. Shocked my whole family - my dad grew up here and can't recall ever having seen one in the city like that before, let alone 6 of them!
On September 29th (full moon), I watched a migration of 18 Turkey Vultures pass over Cedar Hill Golf Course in Victoria. They probably came from Up-Island and were heading East. The crows kicked up quite a fuss for 4 minutes before they arrived, then were dead silent as the procession passed in the thermals 200 feet overhead.
I have seen numerous turkey vultures in west West Van, meaning Horseshoe Bay, Gleneagles area. I also got about 20 feet away from one that was perched on a big leaf maple on the banks of Brothers Creek in the Cedardale neighborhood of West Vancouver.
I see Turkey Vultures all the time at Maplewood Flats!

I do a monthly bird and critter count at Ambleside park and both sides of Capilano River and under Lions Gate bridge, just to the east is a mud flat area, and every time I am there, I see Turkey Vultures flying quite close to the ground!

Last count in August, found a Canada Goose carcass the Turkey Vultures were chewing on!

If you want to see Turkey Vulture up close, head up Grouse Mountain for Birds in Motion, they always have their Turkey Vulture there!

Here's a photo of the Capilano River mudflat Turkey Vultures!
Our arrival had flushed them from the carcass!

ImageTurkey Vultures on dead tree by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr
I have seen several of them flying above Fromme and also got really close to 3 of them perching in the woods just off the trail heading up the Old Buck Trail from the Baden Powell Trail on Seymour in June.
The first time I saw them in the Lower Mainland was on the lower Sunshine Coast back in the late 70's/early 80's but that population never seemed to spread far or fast-as mentioned the Squamish Highway has been a favourite haunt of theirs for ages now.

I knew local populations would grow after seeing the explosion in numbers in the southern Interior 25 years ago.
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