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Excellent finds guys! I'm not getting out as much as I would like and I am dipping on some of those that I had expected to see by now...Enjoying all your discoveries and posts!
Here are a couple to add and I will see what I can do this week!



Lazuli Bunting near OK Falls


Lark Sparrow on less than desirable perch near OK Falls
Thanks for the kind comments guys! Went out yesterday for an hour and thought we would try get our first of the year Tanager, Bullock's, Chat and Grosbeak... any of the four would suffice...
Needless to say we managed to see all four and got photos of all but the Bullocks ;-(
I know will will get more opportunities over the next number of weeks.

Here is a photo of one of the more difficult guys to get into the open.


Yellow-breasted Chat singing a song near Oliver
Wonderful images of all these birds. It is especially nice to see them all during these unique times we are in and it has only been in the past few weeks that I have managed to get out birding again. Thanks for starting this thread and hopefully I will be able to contribute at some point. And thanks to all of you who have shared your wonderful images with us. Cheers, Neal
Nice work, everyone! I feel like I've been slacking a little ... haha. Off for a couple of days and the numbers explode -- I'll update the list ... Zach, I know you already contributed this bird, but I have a nice representation of the Violet-Green Swallow to share ... I actually have the Violet AND the Green. lol.
(p.s. -- Welcome back Neal!)


Nice work Guys! Here is a quick from today after seeing many in recent days but nary a decent photo. The Bullock's seem to be in relative abundance along with the Western Tanagers... nice to see a few more than usual! I have included a Pygmy Nuthatch that I believe we already have listed...just because I was pleased with the picture...


Bullock's Oriole in Willowbrook area near Oliver B.C.

Pygmy Nuthatch near Oliver.
Look who showed up at the house today! Glad to see them poking around the Junipers again.
I guess summer is actually going to arrive. haha.

Cedar Waxwing near Knox Mountain, Kelowna.
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