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Thanks James,

With this virus around, I've not been out as much as I usually am!

I take transit, so I have been wary of late to take it!

So when I do get out in nature, I do my best to get some photos!

That Warbling Vireo was moving fast through the branches and leaves,
when suddenly it got curious about the shutter sound, then gotcha!

Thanks again!
Glad you are able to get out more now, Rob!
I was out on a drive yesterday for a little birdwatching -- started at the Kelowna Landfill, made my way up Glenmore road toward Lake Country ... turned down to go to Carr's Landing and then followed Commonage Road up almost to Vernon. There is a road there called Bench Road that goes back toward Okanagan Lake -- we stopped and walked through the "Experimental Forest." We loosely counted about 40 species on this trip. I was able to capture this (a lot better) picture of a Yellow-headed Blackbird to replace my previous one.

These guys are hanging out on the West side of the landfill at the commercial entrance. Several bald eagles, red-wing blackbirds, ravens, gulls, ducks also in this area.

One of the places we stop on this drive is Kopje Regional Park near Carr's Landing. It gives you shore access to see the island where the Seagulls nest. There's always some odd bird there -- two years ago, saw some Caspian Terns hanging with the gulls. Nothing new this year.

Another place we stop is a small lake (called Rose's lake) on Commonage Road (across from the Regional Compost plant (phew)). Always good for Common Mergansers and two or three species of swallows. Here's your male/female photo, Judy. haha.

The Tree Swallow is nesting here -- the wind was really blowing yesterday, but I was able to capture this guy hanging on for dear life -- know you already have this one Zach ...

At the Experimental Forest, we saw several different species ... a great location. We walked through and along the back fence. The birds couldn't wait to pose for us. lol. Here's a House Wren (at least I contributed one new bird). haha.

We saw Bluebirds, Bullock's Orioles, Swallows, Wood Pewees, Wrens, Vesper/Savannah Sparrows and several other species.
Vesper Sparrow.
Savannah Sparrow. (Sorry for a few duplicates, Zach)
Tree Swallow.

If you are in the area, I recommend that drive -- always good for birds any time of day.
stumblingpiper wrote:Here's your male/female photo, Judy. haha.
zwest wrote: And to continue the Male/Female duck thing, Here is a pair of Blue-winged Teals from today:
Ha! You see...I've got you both hooked now.
Well I went down to Boundary Bay (104th) this evening to look for the Red Knots and anything else that cared to make an appearance. Not only were the Red Knots a no-show, there was nothing down there! No plovers, no gulls, no ducks, no nothing! Even the other birders were commenting that they had never seen it so devoid of birds. I then headed over to Blackie Spit and at least I got something there (although it too was very sparsely populated).

ImageBlack Oystercatcher by Jewill on Flickr

I always think these guys look like they have buttons for eyes; they don't seem real.

Great shots everyone...keep 'em coming.
Nice Judy! I've been thinking about the Oystercatcher for a while now.

Red Knots make perfect nemesis birds as they'll typically sit for a few minutes at 104th then fly over to Brunswick Point (20 minute drive plus 20 minute walk!) so they're pretty much impossible to keep up with. Then the next day they are gone completely. :lol:

I saw a few more seasonal arrivals this morning in Pitt Meadows and Port Coquitlam:

Gray Catbird:

Willow Flycatcher:

Black Swift:

Eastern Kingbird:

There's a tree near my house which always gets an Olive-sided Flycatcher in May. Thought I'd check it out before May runs out...


And there is presently a Great Egret hanging around with the Geese at Blackie Spit...

Nice recent adds, Zach! I can't believe I've been letting you do all the work lately ... well, my wife and I made our way to Salmon Arm yesterday to see what we could see for birds on the list. I'll start with the Grebes ...
I'm adding this long-range photo until we have a better one ... Eared Grebes (Judy, meets Male/Female criteria!)

I know you already added this one, but I loved the photo ... Pied-billed Grebe.

Next up -- Western Grebe! Unfortunately, no Clark's Grebe ...
For Judy, male and female ...
And, Judy, to take it up a notch -- male / female mating dance! :mrgreen:
Image(Just getting started!)
Image(Really standing up now!)
Image (A second pair with Canada Geese)

I saw every swallow but Bank and Violet-Green. Zach, you beat me to the Barn Swallow (good thing, my picture was terrible!). However, here's a couple of Cliff Swallows in their nests...
I realized this photo is a little dark ... Image

I also saw several Gulls and was able to identify this Ring-billed Gull.

I saw we were missing the American Coot (I think) ... so here is one (Judy, not the pair, but at least the nest!)
Awesome James! I need to make it up to the Shuswap one of these years to see those rituals.

I've seen a few more birds over the last week.

Evening Grosbeaks (male and female):

Band-tailed Pigeon:

American Redstart (hiding from my camera):

...and good old Barney back in his favourite tree:
Oh I love them all! The dancing Grebes are spectacular - thanks so much for posting them James.
Nice Barn Owl Zach. I know of 1 nesting site locally but haven't made it out there for awhile so I don't know if the pair is still around or if there are any owlets.
Your Pied-billed Grebe is a much better photo than mine which, BTW, is now missing along with several other pics that I posted. This is entirely my fault, the result of having too much time on my hands. I decided to "tweak" some of my photos using Flickr's editing tool and I forgot when you do that it assigns a new URL to the photo. Since this site only refers to that URL it means the original pic no longer exists. I don't think it's necessary to repost them all but one of them was a Barred owl and in keeping with my self-imposed tradition I feel I must post this newer one that I got just last week:

Image Barred Owl (Male on left and Female on right) by Jewill on Flickr

I seem to have hit a dry spell recently. I've been out birding but have not managed to get anything new for the list. I'll keep at it though and hope everyone else does too.
Happy Birding!
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