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Nice to see all the blanks slowly filling in! Just had a Nighthawk roosting in the daytime down at Haynes Point and saw the new post of the Nighthawk flying at 25,600 ISO... pulling out all the stops!
Well done!
I had the fortune of getting a lifer for me the other day right here on our own Tucelnuit Lake...an American Avocet. Deck is finished and maybe I will be out more often in the near future...

American Avocet in Oliver
Nice work, every one. Thanks for the Bushtit and Canada Jay, "Berdesdan."

I've been caught up in a few different things lately, but no new birds unfortunately. Agree with Ian -- glad to see it is filling in!
Judy -- I saw your photos went away -- too bad we can't edit those entries again ... but glad you got a male/female picture in there. Here's another male/female combo for you ... California Quail at the house.


Tried to get the whole family ... but could only get mom with the kids!


Cute little chicks ...

Dad was providing oversight and checking out the competition ...


Managed to get out yesterday and while in Penticton, decided to head up towards Summerland to see if the Northern Mockingbird was still around..(always late to the party)...and we were lucky to find it foraging around! A less common one for the list and our first BC Mockingbird for our personal list!



Northern Mockingbird near Penticton
Nice going everyone!
The Avocet is stunning Ian. There was one at Elgin park in Surrey a couple of years ago but he was not in breeding plumage - even so he was nice looking bird.
Thanks for the California Quail family photos James. The little babies are so cute; but all babies are, aren’t they?
I wonder if that Curlew is the one who used to be at Blackie Spit Zach. That one hasn’t been reported there for months now. Maybe he got tired of the crowds and moved to a quieter place.
I’m tapped out for available pictures, at least for now. The first wave of shorebird migration begins in late July I think, so until then....happy birding to all.
Of course I never know what will show up in the greenspace behind my condo, so I may be back a little sooner. Cheers!
Steely wrote: Jun 28 5:16 pm Here is finally at least a record shot of one we need on our list! I'm not holding out hope of getting a better shot as the traffic on Road 22 has gotten ridiculous, and dangerous!

Bobolink near Osoyoos B.C.
Nice work, Ian! I wondered if you'd pick that one up for us. Thanks for that grouse, Zach. I've been hampered by rain and yard work lately ... haha. The couple of times I've been out, no new birds for the page but some for me. I'll try to get out for some Alpine birds in the next week or so.
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