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jewill wrote: Apr 09 7:25 pm Well, look who showed up just now as I was finishing an after dinner beverage on the patio!

I was just doing the same... no owls but I've been getting some warbler action here for the last couple of days.

Orange-crowned Warbler

I plan on doing lots of sniping from the deck this month, which means lower quality but less effort than going out :mrgreen:
OK I sneaked out at first light this morning to get some more variety at Iona Beach (Richmond). Hopefully these aren't ones James is currently working on :lol:

Caspian Tern

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Marsh Wren

... and his cousin, Bewick's Wren

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Greater Yellowlegs

Rufous Hummingbird
My Hummingbirds haven't been around yet, Zach, so I'm glad you have the shots! lol. I did try to see a Prairie Falcon a couple of days ago and captured this American Kestrel instead.

Such a pretty bird ...

I was out at a couple of locations today and just happened to have my camera ... :mrgreen:

At Robert's Lake near Kelowna, I saw this Yellow-headed Blackbird.

Near the Glenmore Landfill, I saw this Song Sparrow.

I also spied this Common Raven (and about 10 Bald Eagles) hiding in the trees hunting ...

I went for a ride on the Rail Trail today near Lake Country -- along Wood Lake I saw these birds:
Turkey Vulture!

Northern Osprey ...

I also saw several groups of these Horned Grebes in the Lake ...


It was an awesome day to look at birds ...
Those are nice shots, Zach ... I thought I had a Cackling Goose yesterday but it was a short-neck Canada Goose ... lol. No Ross' Goose in among those Snow Geese?? :mrgreen:

We finally have our hummingbird feeder back out ... we were overzealous and it froze ... saw my first hummingbird at the feeder today -- and luckily it stayed long enough for me to run downstairs and get my camera and then shoot it through the window ... a nice Calliope Hummingbird.

I looked at last year's "pace" ... we are a little behind ... I take full responsibility -- I haven't been to a couple of my normal places yet. However, I will say that Winter has decided to hang out a lot longer this year ... we still have snow across the lake at lower elevations. Anyway ... we are at 93 birds so far! Very nice ... This time last year we had 121 ... I'm sure we'll catch up as spring/summer kick off!
Not that I was checking up on you, I was looking to see if I had already posted some of mine, and I think you are missing a few (some are from Zach too):
California Scrub Jay
Common Murre
Northern Goshawk
Marbled Murrelet
American Tree Sparrow
Ring-necked Duck
Western Meadowlark

That will bring the total up a bit!
Plus these ones:

ImageMourning Dove

ImageRuby-crowned Kinglet

ImageTufted Duck (Male)

ImageGolden-crowned Sparrow (Male - Breeding)

ImageNorthern Pintail (Male)

I'm running out of contributions because I have not gone out birding recently with the lockdown in place. I still enjoy looking at everyone else's pictures though!
Lol. Thanks for keeping me in line, Judy! I'll get the list updated tonight. Love those pictures -- you must have between 5 and 7 bird pictures for this year alone of birds that are on my "to see" list. haha. Nice work! That Tufted Duck is awesome!

Really like your contributions -- I saw an Eurasian Collared Dove in the yard today but couldn't get a picture ... I'll keep trying.
Look who showed up at the house today! White-crowned Sparrow ...

Also, finally was able to capture that Eurasian-collared Dove eating my new grass seed. haha.

Finally, updating my Spotted Towhee photo ... this one is nicer ...

Don't worry, we'll get caught up soon...(hopefully)...
Here are a few more to add to the list.
We had the pleasure the other day of a visit by over twenty American White Pelicans that landed on Tucelnuit Lake the other evening and we dashed out in the failing light to record the spectacle...
I understand that they are most likely heading North to Stum Lake in central BC...

American White Pelicans
American White Pelicans
Red-naped Sapsucker on Anarchist Mtn.

Ring-necked Pheasant near Oliver.
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