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Great shots, Ian, and very nice choreography on the Pelicans! lol. I had a pleasant evening walk yesterday and saw about 5 of these lovely fellows: White-breasted Nuthatch.

Everyone has added such great shots - well done!
I finally dragged myself out and got a few more to add to the list -

ImageLincoln's Sparrow

ImageDouble-crested Cormorant

ImageCommon Loon (Adult - Breeding)

The following were taken a while ago, but still within 2020.

ImageFox Sparrow (Sooty)

ImageHooded Merganser (Female)
I haven't been able to get a good shot of a Male Hoodie this year. When I do I'll add it unless someone else can get one.
(Don't you love her hairdo?)

ImageCommon Merganser (Male)
Still need the female.

Keep 'em coming!
Wow, nice work everyone!

I was off work this morning and got a few more (all in Delta).

Really early on, this Hermit Thrush was hopping around my yard:

And I saw some Northern Shovelers:

And Mom & Baby Great Horned Owl:
I was down in Ian's neck-of-the-woods a couple of days ago and captured these nice Western Bluebirds on White Lake Road near White Lake.


On the same road I saw this Calliope Hummingbird. I know I already have a shot out there, but this one is better!

Lots of new birds moving through the area now.

Hammond's Flycatchers are everywhere:

And more warblers: Wilson's and the Common Yellowthroat:

Least Sandpiper:

Violet-green and Tree Swallow:

And a bonus year-round bird, the Peregrine Falcon:
Very nice, Zach! I had a Tree Sparrow but didn't like the image ... glad you have such a nice shot.
Judy -- for you ... a male Hooded Merganser. Taken at Munson Pond in Kelowna.

And in your honor ... the male and female ... except she was being shy ...

Also ... I couldn't pass up the chance to post my American and Eurasian Wigeons together photo. lol.
Oh Wow! The latest additions are all so spectacular - I can't pick a favourite. There are a couple that I still need to get on my list.

Here's a Downy Woodpecker from the backyard the other day.
ImageDowny Woodpecker (Male)

I decided to go for the trifecta on the Common Goldeneye (since I had the pics anyway) - Male, Female and Immature Male
ImageCommon Goldeneye (Male)

ImageCommon Goldeneye (Female)

ImageCommon Goldeneye (Male - Immature)

Happy Birding Everyone!
Ooooh, I just saw your Hoodies James! Love them and "thanks" for the honor of both Male and Female in the same shot.
I have yet to get a good shot (like yours) of the American and Eurasian Wigeons together. It's not like I haven't seen them at Blackie Spit, but they are never close enough to get a good shot.
Congratulations on the Vesper Sparrow Zach! And yes, you just have to love the Brown-headed Cowbirds - right up there with the Starlings :mrgreen: .
I got a real treat this afternoon while sitting on the patio. One of the most beautiful birds (IMHO) around here - a Male Western Tanager in full breeding plumage!

ImageWestern Tanager (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

I really think this Covid19 is helping us birders - less people around means more birds are showing up. Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but you have to find something positive about it!
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