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Great-tailed Grackle

A first record for Victoria and 7th for BC. This female great-tailed grackle was found midday on July 4, 2021 by Denis Shumeyko. Video is from the morning of July 5th.

Wood Sandpiper

A very rare bird for North America and only the 3rd record for BC. This Wood Sandpiper, an Asian species, was first spotted by Geoffrey Newell and has since attracted many birders to come and view this rare bird.
Filmed near Ladysmith, July 10. I was surprised the Chestnut Backed Chickadee was not already posted. If I was mistaken please remove this. It would be better to have them foraging along the fir branches, but there they were a few feet away. If the woodpeckers are not there the chickadees compete pretty evenly with the nuthatches, but usually tolerate each other. Maybe it is only within a family that they get along and the one on the left was not family.
We have 95 birds and counting! Still a lot of common birds to go find.

Extra Challenge:
We are not accepting video Rock Pigeon unless you take a smart phone video selfie with said pigeon! :lol:

Cheers and good birding,

Really nice videos, Kevin and Bill! That Yellow-Rumped-Cowbird video ... so odd--can't believe it raised it like its own. Just five more for 100 ... looking around for my Rock Pigeon Selfie.
I made it over to Munson Pond on the Southwest side of Kelowna, BC. Quite the birding hotspot!
Really enjoy the short walk around that pond. Was able to capture four videos to share with the group ...
Here's a Black-capped Chickadee getting a little food ..

There are a pair of Belted Kingfishers living at this pond -- we saw both of them hovering over the water, diving for fish, etc. Unfortunately, the only video I got was one of them sitting in a tree. haha. Sorry. Need the professional to come with me next time!

There are always swallows swooping around the pond (quite a few bugs!) ... here is one Barn Swallow taking the time to make itself look good!

Finally, I saw this lonely Spotted Sandpiper walking along the side of the pond. Sorry for the slightly out-of-focus section -- it was walking right at me and my camera decided at that moment not to focus. lol.

I like this location -- and it is listed as a wildlife/bird sanctuary. I wished more people would pay attention to the signs and not walk their dogs here ... I see a marked reduction in the number of ducks that have been in the pond in the past.
Still a great bird-watching locale!
Happy "bird looking."
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