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Another nice day at Blue Heron Beach. I decided to leave in the time when they were underwater so you can imagine what is going on down there. I love the way they bob up.
Immature Snow Goose. The next day I saw 2 more SGe in Yellowpoint, both immature. Looking at the photos for Snow Geese on ebird in Nanaimo I found that 22 out of 25 were immature. Do the young ones get lost or kicked out of the flock?
Trumpeter Swans in flooded field of pot farm, Quennell Road, Cedar, Vancouver Island.
There should be many more arriving soon. The conversion of the field to a pot farm a couple of years ago does not seem to have affected the ducks and swans that stay there over winter.
Peregrine Falcon in Yellowpoint.
This falcon appears to be eating a bird. There were about 100 angry crows nearby and also some free range chickens. Plenty of mallards also, but it seems a bit small for that. It took off while I was looking at the ducks. I added the small amount of footage I got where the falcon was in the frame and more or less in focus. This is mostly for the sound.
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