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Thanks James, yeah, the pace is killing’ me…
The Thrashers were near White Lake and the Brewers was near Nighthawk when I was looking for Thrashers to no avail…that’s two years in a row without seeing a Thrasher on Nighthawk… although I did see some Nighthawks this evening although I wasn’t prepared to photograph them… :wink:
I haven't logged in here for what seems to be years. I don't use Flickr, so this should be interesting. Anyhow, I think I have at least 11 birds that don't seem to be on the list yet for this year.
Will try one and see how it goes.
Northern Hawk Owl. I got this one back in the spring at an undisclosed location on Vancouver Island, a rarity there

In the Fort St. John area. I was hoping the Ovenbirds, as well as the WTSP would sing a bit quieter so I could hear the warblers. Oh well

A very poor backlit photo at a known location on private property in the Peace area in late June

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

The last one for now ( I'll probably have a couple more soon ).
This was near Bralorne in June

Acorn Woodpecker

Steely wrote: Jul 18 1:32 pm Excellent adds Ken, and some very nice captures!
I'm not seeing the last several images from Ken ... a setting on my computer, maybe?
Anyone else having an issue? I definitely want to see these images. haha.
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