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KenW wrote: Jul 18 12:59 pm I haven't logged in here for what seems to be years. I don't use Flickr, so this should be interesting. Anyhow, I think I have at least 11 birds that don't seem to be on the list yet for this year.
Will try one and see how it goes.
Northern Hawk Owl. I got this one back in the spring at an undisclosed location on Vancouver Island, a rarity there
Hi Ken! We really want to see your images -- sharing from Google is tricky -- here's a link to a "Topic" that might help so that we can see the photos: See: viewtopic.php?p=90069#p90069

Hopefully that will help get them to display for everyone!
Leeny wrote: Jul 26 4:16 pm Here's a Common Nighthawk that I saw today. I heard a different one while camping a few weeks ago...every 5 seconds...all night long :( Didn't have my camera at the time though.
Awesome ... lol. You beat me to it ... i had a very poor image on my camera of a couple that have been hanging out in my neighborhood--was hoping for a better photo. Smoke and stuff makes them hard to photograph! Glad you captured it ... Were you hearing a Poor-will? We had one of those here for a couple of weeks in May but it has since moved on ...
Hey, I finally got one to add to the list! I would have liked to have seen an adult in breeding plumage but I'll settle for this little juvenile.
ImageBonaparte's Gull (Juvenile) by Jewill on Flickr

I haven't been out much in over a month due to the extreme heat. The few times that I did brave it outside the birds were nowhere to be seen or, if they were around, they were sleeping or preening, both of which are not good photos. I should stop whining though - at least we don't have to deal with wildfire smoke here, not yet anyway.
Cheers to all!
Way to hold down the month of August for us, Zach! I was busy dodging Wildfires and smokescreens! Hopefully the worst is behind us and we can get out a little bit more here in the fall! I was able to track down three birds for us ...
Brewer's Sparrow near Twin Lakes on Marron Road.

Dusky Grouse on the KLO Trail off McCulloch Road, Kelowna, BC.

Spruce Grouse on Okanagan Falls Forest Service Road (south of Little White Mountain) ... Image

Happy Birding, everyone!
Darn it ... if I had updated the bird list before I posted I would have seen that Ian already had the Brewer's Sparrow. lol. Oh well -- great birding everyone -- we are currently at 259 birds! wow! Here's the short-list of birds left to add ...

I still haven't deducted Ken's list yet -- still not seeing them show up in the post.
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