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The good old neighbourhood duck pond is often a great place to good birding. Ducks are usually present so there will always be something to shoot. Besides the ducks, duck ponds are also a good place to find something else that you were not expecting. And at the very least, the ducks will always be up to something.

The theme of this assignment is to capture any and all bird related things present at the duck pond, from spring to fall/winter. This is for fun and the only restriction is your photos/videos should be in the vicinity of a duck pond. Creativity encouraged and we look forward to what you come up with.

Subject: Birds at the duck pond
Medium: Photos and Video
Entries: Open/Multiple
# Images: Singles, collections, mixed photo or video (< 2min)

Cheers and good birding,
I'm assuming that lakes, lagoons and other small bodies of water are included so here are a couple I managed to get to today:

Brydon Lagoon in Langley. It's one of my favourite spots to go birding all year round because it has (for the most part) groomed trails, several benches to sit at and admire the scenery and (for me) it's close to home. The Mallards here are resident while the Coots, Wood Ducks, Scaups and others come and go with the seasons. It is also a very reliable location to see Green Herons in the summer.
ImageDuck Pond by Jewill on Flickr

Surrey Lake Park - I don't go there too often because it seems the way the trail is laid-out around the lake makes it always seem like you are shooting into the sun, i.e. backlit. This is what I was presented with today - Bum's Up!
ImageNorthern Pintail (Male) by Jewill on Flickr
Awesome! Yes, pretty much any place that is generally considered a duck pond. Not going to be picky here. Love the bums up pintails! That's the kind of shot I am going for, but really anything goes. I am kicking myself today as I missed a good shot over at my local pond.

As it thaws here in Kelowna, I'll definitely hit a few more ponds ... here's a similar "Ducks on Ice," Kevin ... but these guys look like they are standing on water! haha.

jewill wrote: Mar 03 4:06 pm I found a relatively rare variant of the American Wigeon at the Centennial Beach Duck Pond in Tsawwassen today. The "Storm" or "White-cheeked" Wigeon. He appears to be saying "Look at me - you'll probably never see another one like me!"
Very interesting! I had not heard of a storm or white-cheeked variant wigeon before. I will see if I can find one here in Victoria.
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