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Barred Owls are so easy to find, thanks to the robins. I can tell when one comes through our yard every day in Spring. This one, however, was at Cottle Lake, Nanaimo, in June.
Tufted Duck and Lesser Scaup at Duncan Sewage Lagoons. Thanks to Jeremy Gatten for his alert on bcvibirds. Tufted Ducks bred every year on our local pond in the north of England and it was a real treat to see one here.
While at anchor this summer I observed an adult Oyster Catcher showing the young ones how to forage for barnacles... it started with her feeding them, but the young ones caught on quickly.
Lovely video of Oystercatcher school, Howard. Anyone else have some video clips before the year's end?
I have tried to put together a comparison of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs. This was a learning experience for me. My conclusion is that Greater Yellowlegs always look like Greater Yellowlegs, but Lesser Yellowlegs can fool you.
Hi Bill! Sorry I haven't posted any videos since earlier this year. lol. It's been a little crazy for me ... I will get them done in the next couple of days. You've had quite a successful year! Congratulations! I'll go through your list one more time to make sure I don't upload any duplicates. Happy Holidays!
I finally am getting around to posting my videos from May until now. Lol. Nothing like the last minute!!
First, American Avocet at Robert's Lake in Kelowna.

Next is a Brewers Blackbird at Kekuli Provincial Park (Kalamalka Lake) ...

A somewhat fuzzy video of a Mourning Dove in Knox Mountain Park, Kelowna.

Ruddy Duck showing off at Blair Pond Park, Kelowna.

The shortest clip in the world of a Dusky Flycatcher (near Kelowna).

Western Grebes romancing each other at Salmon Arm, BC.

Western Kingbird near Keremeos, BC.

A Bullocks Oriole giving itself a bath at Kekuli Provincial Park near Vernon, BC.

Pine Siskins and a White-crowned Sparrow (Kelowna, BC)

A Vesper Sparrow at Black Mountain Regional Park (near Rutland, BC)

A Black-necked Stilt near Robert's Lake, Kelowna, BC.

A Barn Swallow recovering from the hot sun this summer in Salmon Arm, BC.

A Northern Rough-Winged Swallow and a Violet-Green Swallow in a tree near Blair Pond, Kelowna, BC.

Sorry it took so long to get these posted, Bill! Always seems like a bit of effort to get it done. lol. If they come back, I'll try to get the flock of Bohemian Waxwings today ... :mrgreen:

It was a fun, challenging year for me on the bird-watching front -- I'm hoping for my action next year!
Great additions, James. I love the Western Grebe pas de deux.
I decided to add one more of some Thayer's gulls at French Creek. I'm never 100% about gull ID, so correct me if I am wrong.
Happy New Year everyone.

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