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By KenW
Was going through some old shots of grebes and I think I have them ID'd. Tell me if I'm wrong

I have this one as a Clark's as opposed to a western, mainly based on the white in front of th eye


This one, I think is a non breeding horned grebe-- head not peaked like a eared, bill is shorter and thicker
By DennisM39
I agree on HOGR. The EAGR does not have a clear delineation between the black cap and white cheek. Also the HOGR has a pale white lore spot forward of the eye.
By zwest
I agree with Western; the bill colour isn’t right for Clark’s, and the eye isn’t isolated enough from the black cap.

The worst thing about Clark’s vs. Western is they sometimes hybridize, so you can get some really difficult ones. I don’t think this is one of those cases, but I could be wrong.

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