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April Fool's everyone!
Not foolin' about woodpeckers being in the spotlight this month though.
We will accept any woodpeckers from anywhere, got some cool tropical woodpeckers?
let's see em. :)
I am fortunate enough to have the first 3 living in the green space behind my condo and they all regularly visit my suet feeder.

Downy Woodpecker (Female) by Jewill, on Flickr

Northern Flicker (Male) by Jewill, on Flickr

Pileated Woodpecker (Male) by Jewill, on Flickr

This last one was taken at Reifel - a lifer for me!

Red-breasted Sapsucker by Jewill, on Flickr

Thanks for keeping Bird of the Month alive Paul. I really enjoy looking at everyone's photos.
Good call - and beautiful shots so far!

I live in a good spot for woodpeckers as well. The sapsuckers come around in late September for just a few days, but Pileated and Downy are seen year round. The Hairy shot is from Richmond Nature Park -- I don't think I've seen one of those yet in the DNR.




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Northern Flicker - yellow shafted


Black Headed woodpeckers - courtship - Cambodia

Golden Cheecked woodpecker - Mexico

Red bellied woodpecker - Presquille, Ontario

Distant and not very good shot of flameback woodpeckers - Cambodia

Great choice Paul, I love woodpeckers! Fantastic shots from everyone so far, hopefully there will be many more to come!
From Juneau, Alaska
ImageRed-breasted Sapsucker by featherweight2009, on Flickr
From Reifel
ImagePileated Woodpecker by featherweight2009, on Flickr
From Jericho Park
ImageNorthern Flicker by featherweight2009, on Flickr
From the Pacaya Simiria Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon
ImageFemale Cream-coloured Woodpecker by featherweight2009, on Flickr
From the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania
ImageNubian Woodpecker by featherweight2009, on Flickr
high quality shots everyone! and nice out of the country additions Julian & Debra. my favourite experience was watching a Pileated eat hundreds of ants in Colquitz River Park last summer. He found 3 connected dead trees, pecked square holes in each near the ground and gobbled the lines of ants as they flowed out. Took him 25 minutes to get his fill during which time I pulled out my lunch and ate it too.
Here are three of the hardest woodpeckers i have seen so far, all taken in Thailand, where woodpeckers are not as common as you would think (there are some spots people recommend but i have yet to visit them).

Common Flameback

Black-headed Woodpecker

Orange-backed Woodpecker
Better shot of yellow shafted Northern Flicker

Red shafted Northern Flicker

Pileated - today at Pipers Lagoon - Nanaimo

closer shot of flamebacks in Cambodia - hard to get closer due to worries about what might be underfoot - snakes, spiders, or landmines!
Great shots everyone, and thanks for playing along!

Hopefully the Admin will step up to the plate (now that he has finally made his presence felt again) and continue this as well as the year-end Best of Birds threads, its his forum and his rules after all, and i think it will now sink or swim depending on what he does or doesn't do.
My oystercatcher pic in header banner has been removed so i don't feel responsible for anything that happens here anymore. :)

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